Episode (13): Experience The Delirious Sci-Fi Comedy Web Series ‘Galactic Galaxy’

The Amazing of breaks down & reviews Galactic Galaxy for you here on his podcast. Have a listen.





In the Galactic Galaxy season one finale the Dar Kuzar prepares to capture Queen Sevena in his Cage Of Darkness. Pam, Fen, and Xerro have other plans. A heroic battle and daring rescue utilizing the last known disco core are Queen Sevena’s only hope. “YOU FOOLS, DID YOU THINK I DIDN’T PLAN FOR EVERY EVENTUALITY!”

Featuring Jeff Lewis who played the beloved character Vork in Felicia Day’s “The Guild” & Julia Morizawa who plays Dr. Bright from the wildly popular podcast “The Bright Sessions.” The writing team included Charles Horn, writer on the first “Robot Chicken: Star Wars” special.

GALACTIC GALAXY is an irreverent space saga filled with action, suspense, and a healthy dose of the absurd. It is the story of a Space Werewolf named Fen who teams up with a Space Trucker named Pam to rob an illegal space disco in order to fulfill his destiny and save the Galaxy.

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Comedy Sci-Fi

Created & Directed by Anthony Ferraro

Featuring: Jeff Lewis, Rhomeyn Johnson, Daniel Kusunoki, Jonathan Castile, Julia Morizawa, Bobbie Breckenridge & Geoffrey Gould

How To Make A Basic EVA Foam Blaster

In this tutorial, I walk you through my sci-fi gun prop build process step by step by using simple tools, glue, and EVA Foam. I show you how to make a unique screen ready prop sci-fi gun inexpensively and easily.

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The How To Make A Sci Fi Film series on the Create Sci-Fi YouTube channel shares all the steps of the making of Anthony Ferraro’s short film “Aeranger”. You can watch that how to series here.

This is the teaser for the short film Aeranger that is now complete.

An alien crash lands into prehistoric Earth in search of a surrogate planet to save her people.

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