Anthony Ferraro is the creator and host of Create Sci-Fi, a popular YouTube channel for independent filmmakers geared toward DIY Sci-Fi currently on target for over 1 million total views.

Anthony releases hosted Create Sci-Fi channel content weekly. Create Sci-Fi is prop making, costume building & basic filmmaking tutorials for a sci-fi film, web series & cosplay.

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Here you find links to the YouTube Channel How-To Videos, Blog Posts and learn more about creating sci-fi. This past year Anthony wrote, directed, built costumes, props, and created all the visual effects for his Sci-Fi short film “Arranger”. The film went viral and has earned over 1 million organic views across platforms, including the highly curated sci-fi YouTube channel DUST.His sci-fi web series Galactic Galaxy won the Silver Medal at Stan Lee’s LA Comic-Con & the Outstanding Film Award at the Berlin Sci-fi Film Festival and is now available on Amazon Prime.


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